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​Connections Unseen

​April has felt to many of us as a month of extremely intense, harsh, ‘sticky’ energy. Perhaps moving through the month has felt like wading through bogland… A challenge that required more energy than we felt we had!

All those things that have been coming up this month- incidents showing you where certain relationships are not working anymore (including how you’ve been relating to yourself), where your method of communicating is not working for you and causing upset (to yourself and/or others), where you have found you are feeling the need to run away from certain situations and people, where you can now see issues you were once unable to see or have gained a broader perspective on them, where you have discovered you are not in alignment with your goals/path…


Each Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity to acknowledge we are a part of the cycles of nature. An opportune time to check in with self and to let go of all that has come up to be released through the month. A chance to hit the reset button and start anew.

No matter how much you feel like you are the only one struggling/finding the act of living in this time and space difficult, you are not alone in feeling these emotions.

Take the time tonight to sit and look at the beautiful Full Moon, knowing there are millions of others looking up at that same night sky. Feel their presence. Acknowledge your connection to them. Allow yourself to move into awe that across this vast world, contrary to what the mainstream collective would have you believe, most of us are coming from a place of love and kindness and wanting that for ourselves and others- for you.

We all struggle… There are many of us wondering “what the hell is our collective doing right now”, “is this way we are told to live really all there is??!!” in different words and in different languages all day everyday- and certainly a huge percentage of those taking the time to acknowledge and soak in the beauty of our moon tonight, are asking these questions in some form.

There are many of us-

Feeling disconnected from the collective rhetoric but knowing that we are all connected. Knowing there are other ways of doing things. Knowing we could all choose a more balanced and inclusive way to live. Knowing that so much of what we are told is fact, is madness designed to keep us disempowered and fearful. If no one around you speaks on that or seems to be able to see the madness all around, it can be hard. It can feel lonely. Living in this time and space can feel overwhelming and so, so challenging.

But you are not alone.

You are not alone in your thinking or your feelings. There are many of us. And we can send support to one another just by feeling all those souls looking up at the beautiful Full Moon in the same moment and beam out that acknowledgment of each other. A signal of support and love and well wishes for every inhabitant (of all species) on our earth. We can set our collective intention on owning our part in this world as it currently is, and choose to be the change we want to see- from a place of love and acceptance for ourselves and those around us.

And above all on this Full Moon, and in every moment you can, remember:

You are supported.

No matter how alone you may feel:
You are connected.

You are worthy of love and kindness and happiness.

You are held and you are loved. I know you are loved because I love you.


With love and light,



4 comments on “​Connections Unseen

  1. Rajagopal
    April 30, 2018

    Nice to see you Laura, sounding out the significance of Imbolc vide your last post, and now the full moon of April and interconnectedness of life itself. Interestingly, many countries in Asia are very much in sync with pagan festivities built around such natural rhythms as the new year is celebrated during April. I will remember your prescriptions while gazing at the full moon tonight. Cheers…x

    • laura kilty
      April 30, 2018

      Lovely to hear from you Raj. Hope all is wonderful in your world- and I hope you had a beautiful Full Moon gazing session! 🙂

  2. Sue Dreamwalker
    April 30, 2018

    Thank you dearest Laura for that wonderful confirmation, We often feel like we are the only ones understanding this, yet we are far from alone..
    The Full Moon and excellent way in which we can all gather and focus or intention and align our intent..
    The Moon here was very bright last evening, and shone its light into my garden..
    I feel another corner has been turned as we head out of April into May..

    I feel as if we are on the cusp right now of seeing another great shift in our conscious awareness.. Something deep within just keeps me internally knowing that some major revelation is about to spring wide open..

    I can not put my finger upon what that is.. just an inner excitement that all is not lost..
    Maybe you get the gist of my thinking..

    Lovely to see your post as I navigate the reader today.. And worth the three hours I have sat in here, wading through the published posts I have missed..

    Love and Light Laura.. and thank you for your Love and Support..
    Sue ❤

  3. alohaleya
    September 28, 2018

    I’m thinking back to how I felt around the time you wrote this…I was so feeling these words. 😉 I’m still feeling the intensity but I think that’s par for the course during these times, and there is great awe and beauty there too.

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