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Summer Solstice 2020

As you may know, I am a great advocate for recognising the importance of the quarter and cross-quarter days within our yearly cycle. Summer solstice occurs tonight at 10.43pm in Ireland and as always we celebrate mid-summer’s day tomorrow, the 21st.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our journey back to shorter days as we move towards Autumnal Equinox and then Winter Solstice- and to me it’s important to see these moments as just that, not destinations in of themselves but indicators of the ever-rolling cycles we go through.

As a collective, we are in a time of huge unrest and change on many different levels and in many different ways. Each individual is at a different point in their own personal journey too. The more conscious we are to all the large cycles we go through alongside nature, the easier it is for our minds to find peace through our own personal changing cycles.

Remember change is our only constant. We humans are designed to change and adapt. We have nature showing us the longest day of light today, perhaps use that extra light to reflect on what’s going on within- not in the context of how others are feeling or indeed, when it comes to the internet and sometimes family or friends, how others are telling you how to feel- but to truly listen to your own heart, your own experiences, your own beliefs.

In a world that encourages group think, allow yourself to hear your own thoughts and feelings and to value and prioritise them. They are important and valid. You are important and valid.

With love and best wishes for a beautiful solstice and beyond.

Le grá, Laura

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