Resounding Power

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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an ancient and profound healing method. It has been used by ancient cultures around the world to cure emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual ailments to great effect.


During a Sound Healing, the person receiving the healing lies on a couch, fully clothed.

Using instruments such as Voice, Tuning Forks, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, Gongs, Rain Sticks and Log-Chimes, the practitioner weaves a web of sound specific to the client’s needs.

The sounds work through the client on a vibrational level, bringing whatever healing best suits their needs at that time.

The whole session, including consult, lasts about 90 minutes.

A Sound Healing can be immensely transformative. The sounds can be pretty and pleasant but can equally be quite intense and harsh-sounding. As the sounds are specific to the needs of the client at the specific time they are receiving it, the sounds that come through will be different in each session. It is a wholly beautiful and exciting experience.

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