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We All Have The Right To Choose Our Own Path

I really feel taking the time and space to look within, asking yourself how do you want to live your life
and truly listening to the answer, is the route to fulfilment, happiness and balance between mind, body and spirit.

I feel all parts of me are more balanced than they’ve ever been in this lifetime, and I am so thankful that at the relatively young age of 32, I am accepting and loving being me! I am allowing myself to be on my path, without feeling the need to take any detours anymore. I am truly getting to live my spiritual truth, my dreams and my joy, to help others, to make music, to travel, to move my body through asanas every day- and it feels amazing!

That’s not to say once you’ve made the decision to live your life as you want, that it’s always an easy path. It’s not. There are challenges within and without. And how we choose to respond (not react!) to these challenges is what ensures we stay on our path or not.

Our ego interferes, shouting at us ‘Should you be doing something else?’ ‘Is it fair to be this happy when others suffer?’ ‘You are setting yourself up for a big fall!’

Outside of ourselves there will be people- maybe even close friends or family- who will question our choices.

This could be from the best of intentions- they are worried about you or fearful for you trying to forge a new path. There are a lot of people who are fearful of those who split away and say there is another way to live. Another way of being. That we don’t all need religion, pensions and careers to know that we are safe and ok in the world. Which I understand. I didn’t come to my viewpoint of the world around me without affirmations. And I did a LOT of searching because the predominant worldview never sat right with me, even as a child. Some don’t have that sense of unease about a lot of the prevalent ‘facts’ in the world and the common worldview works perfectly for them, which I totally respect and honour too.

Then there are those that will laugh and make derogatory remarks. This of course is also fear. And sometimes jealousy. And sometimes because they really can’t conceive of opening their minds to the possibility that all they ‘know’ to be true isn’t, because then they lose their sense of safety. Again, understandable.

All those who challenge us- whether with positive or negative intentions- are there to help us.

We need to ask ourselves what is being brought up within ourselves with seemingly negative interactions with people. We need to discover what it is that person is teaching us about ourselves. We need to be able to answer practical questions others may ask us on how we are going to survive and grow. The fact is, we ARE incarnated, we DO live in the 3D world where we require food, water and shelter to live. So if we are not going to work and live in the mainstream way, how will we get these things and be self-responsible and self-sufficient?

We also need to constantly question our outlook so we don’t become that which brought us to live differently. To not get arrogant that we have all the answers. Because none of us do. We may have the answers for ourself in the here and now. And that’s all we know. It’s all we can know. And even then, aren’t we all just guessing and trying to do the thing that works best for us at any given moment?!

Every one of us is living our own dream. Constantly manoeuvring our way around the collective dream of this world, while living in our own bubble. Allowing others to step into our dream, sometimes stepping into others’. But we will never, in this human form, be able to truly know what it is like being someone else on this earth. To know what another person’s dream is.

As Shakespeare said:
“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players”
You are the lead actor in your play: Life. All the extras are here to help your story and character keep moving forward. There is lots of ad libbing and improvising. Everyone has a different script. A different director. A different ending.

I know a lot of people in the ‘spiritual’ (I hate all the words that describe this area because of the connotations that come with these words but alas, I have nothing better to use so hopefully you can hear through my words!) fields who seem to have lost sight of the fact that none of us can see the whole picture. No one has the answers- I don’t know that any of us even have the ‘right’ questions! We are all human. Every life choice and outlook is valid and perfect for each individual.

The feelings and views of every person needs to be treated with respect and compassion. We are all different and yet we are all the same. We are all heading toward some goal- to some, it’s enlightenment, to others a new car, for others, it’s marriage/relationship. Whatever the goal, it is perfect for the individual who seeks it. We need to stop passing judgments on each other to try validate our own choices. We live and learn at the pace we can. At the pace that’s right for us. We are each learning the lessons that are right for us. Yes, there are some choosing to ignore their gut feelings and seemingly doing themselves ‘damage’. I believe that that means they are doing exactly what they are meant to be doing in that moment. Just because you feel a different way may be easier for them doesn’t mean it’s right! Who are any of us to judge anything?!

We grow every single second of every single day. We are constantly changing and learning to be. Could the most important thing to learn be to not judge? Could that in fact change everything? Not judging does not mean condoning negative behaviour. It just means acknowledging that none of us know what’s happening on the bigger picture scale, so perhaps we all need to allow everyone to live their lives without interference and to try and find the positives in seeming negatives. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No!

Every single person on this planet is here for a reason. We are all equal. All our choices are equally valid. Everyone deserves to choose their path without judgment from others.

So take a moment to truly thank every person in your past, your present, and all those that will come into your future. All those who question you and your ideas about life. All those who push you. All who support you. You are the centre person in your life, and all the people who come into your sphere are there to help you to evolve. Some just for a short time, some for many lifetimes. The most important thing is to live your truth, live your passion, live your dreams, be joyful in the world and in interacting with others and give others the space and freedom to do the same.

With love and light,

2 comments on “We All Have The Right To Choose Our Own Path

  1. Ian Mc Donnell
    January 9, 2014

    Great post. My favourite one so far 🙂

    • lothlauraien
      January 9, 2014

      Thanks Ian! I appreciate the support 🙂

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