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Spring Has Sprung!!

There is a huge push going on in the universe at the moment. I feel it in myself, I see it in clients, friends, all those around me, the online community….

Everyone is feeling this immense time in various ways specific to their lives but the themes of intensity, challenges, past patterns rising up again, overpowering emotions and this being a great transitional period seem to be common across the board.

It feels like all the big stuff is coming up so we can truly see it, deal with it and grow. It’s an amazing opportunity- and of course, can be an upsetting, confusing and overwhelming time.

It is so important to remember that you are not alone. We all need help at times. We are human! Respect this. We all need support. We all need to feel connection. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with others is not weak- it takes courage and strength to go there. Acknowledging the need for help is a strength, not a weakness.

Seek support from friends, loved ones, teachers, therapists, healers….whoever you feel would best serve you at this time. Remember to seek help from someone who will actually provide support, not someone you hope will provide support but has repeatedly proved they can’t be who you want them to be- another theme I have repeatedly come across in people over the past couple of weeks.

Respect your body, your mind, your emotions- your SELF.

Allow your needs to be met: rest, cry, laugh, sleep, do whatever it is you need to do to create a safe environment for yourself- and permission to change your mind repeatedly as to what it is you need! You know yourself better than anyone else. Listen. Trust. Have faith in your ability to seek and provide whatever it is you need in any moment, knowing that these needs can change hugely from day to day.

Know also that we each have our own limits. Limits as to how much we can shift at once. If you are in emotion, try not to make big decisions. Try to ride out the situation a bit longer until you are sure what the right action for you is. Utilise tools that will help you through this period.

Remember to breathe deeply, to eat well, to move, to get rest, to take care of yourself. To put your needs first. Treat yourself gently- treat yourself like a child. Nurture, nourish and cherish that child.

When you are able to hold to all of those things, it really is a wonderful time for growth, change and blossoming. Springtime is here. And the clearing and cleaning is happening whether you action it or not. So allow yourself to go with the flow and try to enjoy the ride!

With love and light,

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