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Keep the Faith

“Throughout human history, there has always been some form of prayer to give human beings the space and time to grow that element of faith within their hearts. It is with faith and hope that we can go forth with confidence and leap across oceans, change the world, or simply fall back in love.”

Alanna Kaivalya, Myths of the Asanas: The Ancient Origins of Yoga

There is so much change happening on a global scale in terms of the 3D world as well as the realms beyond. Faith feels like a very important quality for us all to have right now.

It is vital we hold to our ideals, to keep calm, to be peaceful, to not go into anger and frustration at world events, to instead remember that everything is happening as it must. As creators of our world, we all have the power to change the world around us- hate breeds more hate so we need to come from love and compassion instead. This can be challenging to hold to when we see injustice, destruction and devastation around us.

As an Irish person, I am more familiar than I would have chosen to be with violence and chaos happening in the name of religion and love for country- and I am from the Republic so it wasn’t something that was part of my everyday worries. My best friend from primary school lived with it as she had family up the North and it was a visceral threat for her and her family in their everyday lives.

As you scratch beneath the surface of any cause though, the real reason for violence is fear and power struggles.

What starts off as a justified retaliation- people standing up to oppressors- very soon becomes persecution. We see it happening around the world right now, and I see on Facebook posts and in demonstrations, that so many people are going into anger and hatred in reaction to these events. That won’t solve anything. It is very rarely the everyday people who are perpetuating violence- it is the governments, armies and powers that be who have something to gain in terms of power or money. Simple as that.

It is important for these issues to be brought to the fore, for us to demand that violence doesn’t continue in ANY form, ANY where. But it is also important that we do this from a place of love, not hate and blame.

Myths of the Asanas_Quote3

The situations we are seeing playing out around the world right now are so complicated- steeped in history and years of children being bred to hate others, all because of fear, blame and power struggles.

For us on the outside who can be a voice of solidarity saying ‘this violence is unacceptable and cannot continue’, going into the blame game is not helpful to anyone- least of all those suffering at the hands of the violence. Instead, we can move towards faith. Faith in humanity. Faith that love is greater than hate and if we come from a place of love, we can affect greater and more stable change.

Spend a few minutes every day sending love to all the violent situations going on in the world. Find the peaceful point within you and send this, through your thoughts, out to the world. Whether you believe in prayer/a God or not, it has been proven that thought does have power and form. If enough people can truly come from a place of stillness, love and compassion and send these positive vibrations to all those not in that space, we can affect great change.

Have hope, be positive, keep the faith.

With love and light,



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