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New Look!



Welcome to the new-look Resounding Power site- I hope you like the changes!

I decided to shut down my personal blog and will post about the inspiring things I come across here instead. Anything related to wellbeing and tips on how to get to a better state of mind, body and spirit will go up here.

I’ve imported some past posts from my lothlauraien blog that reflect the kind of things I will be posting to give an idea of what I am interested in and how I view this beautiful world of ours!

As usual, for those interested in in-person healings, I will keep you updated on where I am in the world at the beginning of each month and any workshops or retreats planned will be listed on the Events page.

I am currently in Dublin, and leave for Toronto on November 12th. I go to Montréal on the 27th November and will be there into the beginning of December. If you would like to meet in person or get a distance healing, please get in touch at resoundingpower AT

Thank you to anyone who has come over from my lothlauraien blog, I hope you find some stuff that inspires you!

With love and light,


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