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Welcome April!

Welcome April

How wonderful to let go of the intense energies March brought our way- although don’t get too excited yet, as I am sure you are noticing, this week has pretty intense energies too!!

Those of you who experienced the huge drive to change throughout last month, will now realise you have to live with the choices you made in response. Whether you chose to listen to the call for change and learn your lessons now, or whether you decided you needed more time before implementing change and to relive old patterns instead, there are repercussions. We now need to find a way to live with the consequences of our choices, to find the new balance in our everyday lives. Spring is here, we are reborn!

The Spring Equinox- when the balance between night and day is equal- happened in tremendous fashion last week, coinciding with a solar eclipse and new moon. We are now moving towards a pretty intense full moon, lunar eclipse on Saturday, so that calm balance we are all looking for could be a little while away yet. Our ‘new normal’ is on its way though, we just have to hang in there and try to go with the flow! And by going with the flow, I suggest let yourself feel the discomfort of this week and don’t try to force your way out of it.

I suggest to use this week for reflection rather than action.

A feeling of frustration and restlessness could dominate this week. If you allow that energy to rush you into making decisions- or speaking!- you may wish you had taken a breath and waited before responding!

There is a feeling that we are on pause and this is difficult for us humans to deal with. We prefer to know what is coming up around the corner- to know things will stay the same, no matter how negative our situation may be, or to have an idea of what the future will look like- rather than not knowing.

This pause will push our buttons- it may feel like an energetic taunting! You may feel an overwhelming need to make changes or snap-decisions. To feel like you are doing something- anything!!

As opposed to the drive to make meaningful changes that have positive ripples throughout our life, we may feel the urge to make rash decisions just to distract from the uncomfortable feeling of being on pause.

Looking at and reflecting on the emotions (fear, sadness, anger…) that are brought up for you from this push could be a much better way to use your time, as opposed to making reckless changes.

This week, perhaps allow yourself to take the time to reflect and review all that has come before. Allow yourself to truly acknowledge all the changes you’ve made in your life. Allow yourself to see your progress. Allow yourself to see the foundations you have built towards a more positive life. Those foundations are there. The positive impact may not be fully apparent yet, but all is coming.

My suggestion in the run up to and the few days after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

Take the time to pause before responding to others

Take the time to go within before making decisions


With love and light,


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