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“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

The theme for May, here on Resounding Power, is ‘Forgiveness and Compassion’.

Since the push for change during March, we have been in an accelerated motion of rebirth- finding ourselves reincarnated over and over, whether we have heeded the opportunities for positive change or not.

We may have realised we have outgrown belief systems we held dear, outgrown the places we are living, the jobs we have, the relationships we engage in…

We may have noticed patterns that we have repeated time and again- perhaps which take slightly different forms but are always so familiar- throughout our lives.

A lot of realisations as to where we are being held back by limiting beliefs may have been made.

These insights were probably quite clear and yet many people will have chosen to continue on as normal. To ignore the call to transform patterns of behaviour, to ignore the call to let go of relationships that no longer serve, to ignore the call to let go of a job and move on to the next…

There will also be those who have made huge changes, tried to be in flow, letting go of all they know does not serve. Who tried to put their conscious evolution and well-being first, no matter the reaction and judgment of those around them.

Both of these situations can be really challenging! Both can lead to feelings of shame and guilt.

In a world where we are taught to ‘look out for number one’ ‘don’t be too happy’ ‘you should be happy all the time unless you have a real problem’ ‘you are selfish if you put yourself first’ ‘you are cruel if you are not there for someone when they need you even if it is detrimental to your well-being’ and many more such conflicting ‘moral’ codes, it can be challenging to hold to the choices we have made without feeling ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

This is the month to really concentrate on letting those negative feelings go.


We need to acknowledge that we must be responsible for our own lives, so we do have to be the most important person in our world- while understanding that everyone on this planet is the centre of their own world. We need to allow ourselves to be honest with where we are at. If it feels too much to make big changes right now, that’s ok. Being aware of the changes that need to be made is a huge step. Honour where you are at the present time. If we have made changes such as letting go of relationships that are harmful to our well-being, we need to see that it may be a really negative action from the perspective of the person we are in relationship with but that is not a good enough reason to stay in it. We also need to acknowledge where we feel we have made a misstep. Then, we just need to take that step again.

We grow, we change, we develop; we outgrow people, places and beliefs. This is part of the cycle of life and nothing to feel guilty or bad about. We need to acknowledge any feelings of shame or guilt and then let them go.

We humans have been trained to use guilt-trips as a device to manipulate. That means others will do it to you, you will do it to others and you will also do it to you.

We need to learn to show ourselves and others COMPASSION. We need to learn to FORGIVE.

We need to forgive ourselves for our past actions and non-actions. We need to forgive our past behaviours and patterns that have led to negative situations and relationships. We need to let go of anything toxic we are holding to.

We need to show ourselves compassion and realise that if we are kind and loving towards ourselves, it is easier to be kind and loving towards others.

We need to allow ourselves to forgive what we see as the worst of ourselves, realising that we are all human and we are all deserving of forgiveness, love and kindness.

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”

Marianne Williamson

The healing of the world starts within. You are the centre of your world, you are at the heart of it. Heal your heart, you heal your world. Compassion and forgiveness are the gateway to healing your heart. Let’s unite our efforts in healing the world this May!

With love and light,


3 comments on ““The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Alok Singhal
    May 1, 2015

    This is a crisp reminder to all of us…hope we all can follow this.

  2. Jay
    May 1, 2015

    I tend to emphasize letting go of anger rather than forgiveness, but I think this is the right path.

    • laura kilty
      May 12, 2015

      Hi Jay, thanks for reading! I also believe letting go (of all emotion) is key to living a more conscious life, but we can’t get to that until the work of owning those emotions is done, and I feel having compassion towards ourselves and others and forgiving these human emotions is an important step on that journey- something I discuss a bit more in the next post! Thanks so much for the comment!

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