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“Take full account of the excellencies which you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not.” Marcus Aurelius

It is important to not only apply the idea of gratitude outwards but to direct this feeling inwards too. We can- especially those attempting to live a more ‘conscious’/ ‘spiritual’/ ‘insert word you are comfortable with’ life- expend a lot of energy on ensuring we are putting gratitude and positivity out into the world around us, and not give enough attention to appreciating ourselves. This week, I suggest you focus your gratitude inwards.

Take stock of your many gifts and talents, they are all beautiful contributions to the world. Perhaps you are a good problem solver, are compassionate, empathetic, kind, can sing, dance, paint, write… whatever your gifts may be, they bring joy into and enrich the world.

Look at the times you could have given up but kept moving forward. Your tenacity, ability to turn adversity into a strength, your perseverance is an inspiration to those around you. This example is a gift you are bringing to the world.

Notice all the ways you help and care for those around you, and indeed for yourself, like cleaning, cooking, listening to, making time for…these actions are true gifts to those you nurture (and always remember to nurture yourself too!).

List out all the ways you care for the planet around you- recycling, gardening, not polluting, caring for pets…there will be a myriad of things you do every day, without truly noticing, that are contributing in a very real way to making a better life for all of us here on earth.

All of your gifts and talents are incredible and are worthy of deep gratitude. Your gifts have been cultivated over the years of your life. Be grateful that you have had the wisdom to allow them to grow.

Marcus Aurelius


Take the time this week to truly look at all aspects of your being and notice all the wonderful gifts you have. Be thankful for all you are!

With love and light,


3 comments on ““Take full account of the excellencies which you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not.” Marcus Aurelius

  1. Rajagopal
    July 23, 2015

    Those words of Marcus Aurelius and your crisp expatiation thereof make for an edifying read, Laura. The common prescription is for external gratitude, while our many strengths and capabilities are almost taken for granted; one is not even aware of it but carry on drawing on it as and when required, almost ungratefully. Your words will now serve as a refreshing guideline…best wishes.. Raj.

    • laura kilty
      July 26, 2015

      In the spirit of gratitude: thank you so much Raj for your comments here, and for your wonderful blog. You speak with such grace and stunning eloquence. Your compassion, kindness, wonderful writings and engagement with the world around you are some of the, I am sure many, ‘excellencies’ you possess. I send you huge gratitude for putting them out in the world for us all to enjoy and to learn from. Love and light, Laura.

      • Rajagopal
        July 26, 2015

        That is overwhelmingly kind of you, Laura… Thanks and warm thoughts and wishes your way… Raj.

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