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Rainn Wilson on Creativity

This is a really beautiful and heart-felt talk from actor Rainn Wilson about creativity. I loved watching him in The Office and loved him even more after seeing him speak with Russell Brand a couple of years ago, and then finding out more about his project SoulPancake. Their meefing is definitely well-worth the watch, and SoulPancake is well-worth the visit!

“Go inside, not outside”

“If it’s a pure expression of yourself, no matter what medium it is, it’s gonna shine, it’s going to resonate.”

“Creativity is absolutely for everyone…it’s in how you interact with the world. There’s artistry in everything that we do. And there is expression in everything that we do”

“Everyone is an artist…creativity is a great thing, it is a human thing and it needs to be nurtured and it can help us go down life’s path and help us to become deeper, richer, more satisfied human beings”


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2 comments on “Rainn Wilson on Creativity

  1. Rajagopal
    August 9, 2015

    Getting into the flow, where the inner spirit finds expression, is what creativity is all about, Laura, and in that sense everyone is a creative being, as discussed in your post…best wishes.

  2. Jay
    August 11, 2015

    Great find, Laura!

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