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“Whoever uses the spirit that is in him creatively is an artist. To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” Henry Miller


By the time this post goes up, I will have been in beautiful Iceland for a few days and hopefully will have already taken a few hundred photos!

This trip is a way for me to re-set and get back in myself and into my well-being routine as deeply as I usually am, after an intense few months working on an album with my friend, Ian ‘Eomac’ McDonnell.

I am looking forward to going offline away from technology (which is why this post is pre-written!), being in nature and replenishing my creativity through doing sounding meditations out in the wilds, taking photos and just laughing and relaxing!

Throughout August, in keeping with the theme of Creativity, I have made sure to set aside at least an hour a day for something creative (and non-work related), and will continue to do so in Iceland.

If you have wanted to follow along but have been feeling a little stumped, perhaps this (very short) video will give you the inspiration to use August as a starting point for adding some creative projects to your everyday life too:

I think the idea of trying something new for 30 days and then seeing if you would like to make it a permanent fixture in your life is a great idea and a helpful and manageable starting point to add a new and positive habit of any kind in your life.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and creative August. I will send you all love in a sounding meditation while out in nature over the week- ‘listen’ out for the loving sound vibrations heading your way!

With love and light,



3 comments on ““Whoever uses the spirit that is in him creatively is an artist. To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” Henry Miller

  1. Rajagopal
    August 13, 2015

    The art of living is indeed to make creative use of spirit within, by making an art of the business of day to day living. Human resource departments in corporate sector in many countries, are beginning to consider the concept of ‘electronic leave’, whereby employees are allowed to totally delink from network of cellphones and notebooks, cut themselves off from all workaday concerns and retreat into an interest of their choice, which is what the spokesman in the video clip is advocating. So enjoy your electronic void of thirty days, Laura; return with renewed energy, refreshed tone in your vocals, and a new zest for life. The world is standing by; I am doing it in my own way in my sojourn here in Johannesburg…best wishes..xRaj.

  2. Sue Dreamwalker
    August 13, 2015

    Have a wonderful trip to enjoy all of those wonderful natural gifts nature has to offer you Laura.. I have been away from Technology deliberately this last week to spend quality time with family..

    And thank you I am having a wonderfully creative August.. Enjoy your time away xxx Hugs Sue

  3. Jay
    August 14, 2015

    I can’t wait to hear and see all about it when you’re back.

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