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Wishing you all blessings on this beautiful day of Imbolc! Today marks our return from winter to spring and in Ireland is a day we dedicate to the mother goddess Brigid (Saint Brigid to those of the Catholic faith).*

Brigid, among other things, represents the light half of the year- she is the radiant light that brings us from the darkness of autumn and winter into the light of spring and summer. The light that is vital to our survival here on earth.

Today is a day to acknowledge and give gratitude to that essential spark within and around us all.

I have been finding the energy of the past few days in the run up to the Super Blood Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse yesterday, and now Imbolc, intense! The best way I can think to put it is: I have been feeling firey!

This is perfectly in flow with the arrival of Imbolc and this inner fire is a powerful tool we all have. Acknowledging and honouring that fire can ignite us to huge and rapid change. If we do not spend time tending to our emotional world however, it can also get hugely out of control. Self-responsibility, self-kindness and compassion are key!

If you are feeling the need to ‘push’, when now is a time for rest, take the time to ask yourself why.

  • Are you running from uncomfortable feelings?
  • Are you telling yourself you ‘should’ be working out/doing brisk asana practices when really your body is crying out for true care of gentle asana or pranayama practice or rest and sleep?
  • Are you forcing yourself to work on many projects instead of allowing the seeds you’ve been planting to incubate and grow?

There is no force, push or coercion in natural growth. Everything has its timing.

The light of spring is arriving but we are still moving through the dream state of winter. Remember to respect what it is you truly need and try not to push yourself to make rash decisions, or impose needless deadlines, or to convince yourself that any push you are doing is justified. Instead, be in flow. The light of spring will naturally take you from the restful state into that of action.

If you are looking to honour the energy of the day, make some time for self. Tune into the mothering aspect of Brigid and mother yourself. Hold yourself in and with love.

These are a few suggestions for practices that you could do:

  • Take the time to connect to nature- it can be in a garden or on a balcony or even just sitting at the window if it’s too cold out. Feel yourself attach to the earth (or floor) beneath you and then look up to the sky and feel your link to it. Feel your place in between both worlds. Breathe in and fill yourself up on the beauty that is nature
  • Set a clock for 12 minutes and then write a list of all that you are grateful for in that time
  • Take 12 minutes to do the practice of Sama Vritti or Equal Breathing. Here is my guided recording of the practice:
  • Make a fire and connect to it. Feel your inner fire burning and, setting a clock for 12 minutes, write down all that you feel that fire is longing to convey- to you and to the world. Tune in and allow that part of you to speak all it needs to say. Then take the time to listen!

However you choose to engage with the energy today, I hope you have a beautiful one.

With love and light,



*I wrote about Brigid and the origins of Imbolc this day last year, you can find that post HERE if you wish to read more

7 comments on “Imbolc

  1. Heide
    February 1, 2018

    What a beautiful, wise, life-affirming post! Thank you for sharing your observations — and especially your suggestions for engaging with this “energy day.”

    • laura kilty
      February 1, 2018

      Thanks so much for your comment Heide, I am glad it resonated with you. I look forward to exploring your blog!

  2. seaangel4444
    February 1, 2018

    Hi Laura! How are you? I love this post! It is resonating with me in a major way! I hope all is well with you my dear! Cher xo

    • laura kilty
      February 1, 2018

      Cher! So lovely to hear from you. Happy to know you got something from my post! I hope all is wonderful in your world- all is great with me, thank you! Sending love and hugs your way.xoxo

      • seaangel4444
        February 1, 2018

        Hi Laura! Ah, you too my dear! Yes, all is well, thanks! Glad to hear things are great with you! Oh yes, this is a wonderful post! Sending love and hugs back to you!! Cher xo

  3. Shakti Ghosal
    February 2, 2018

    Hi Laura,

    Passing by, I found your post empowering. Thank you for providing the derails of your practices.

    Shakti Ghosal

  4. Sue Dreamwalker
    February 14, 2018

    Lovely Post dear Laura.. The wisdom in your words my friend are enlightening and inspiring. Wishing you all the best Love and Blessings ❤

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