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Full Moon April 19th 2019

This Full Moon is a time for truly allowing your mind, body and spirit speak to you and for you to LISTEN to the messages you receive.

We are feeling the push this year to truly own all parts of ourselves- to hold close and own that which we have seen as ‘less than’, that which we have neglected and wilfully overlooked, that which we fear and judge within ourselves and others because society says we should. We are being called to own all that we have attempted to bury and ignore.

Throughout April, it seems these energies have really pushed forward, demanding to be heard and integrated in the world around us. A month that, for me, has required a lot of time grounding and sleeping in order to be in flow.

From the western astrology perspective it is the Full Moon in Libra and Libra is represented by the scales. An apt image for us to tune into this month whether western astrology resonates or not…

What is balance? Despite the messaging we receive from marketing and society on the whole, it is completely different for each individual… We are all human yet we are each of us unique. What works for one person may not work for another. We all have similar yet very different needs. Balance is not a calculation scientifically prescribed to the masses, it is a fine equilibrium across all aspects of living that each individual must discover for their own unique self- from their own unique desire for their life.

So, as you honour this time through ritual or meditation, check in and ask yourself all the usual full moon questions with particular emphasis on BALANCE. Balance within self and balance in relation to others.

This is a time to tune in to the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself and see where you are honouring and denying your own unique balance of these elements. Are you holding both aspects as being equally valuable and worthy of love? Are you allowing yourself to be your true self in this way or succumbing to pressure from whatever narrative is most prevalent around you? Listen to all your mind, body and spirit has to say.

This is a time to tune in to all the most valued relationships in your life- which relationships are no longer fulfilling a positive function in your life? Which relationships feed your spirit? How is your relationship with yourself? Are you spending enough time nurturing this dearest of relationships? Listen to all your mind, body and spirit has to say.

This is a time to tune in to your body. What is it your body actually needs? Are you moving too little or moving too much? Is your movement too harsh or is it in tune with what your needs are- are you allowing your body to choose what kind of movements you do or is the programming you’ve received from the fitness industry guiding your way? What are you feeding your body? Does your body feel sluggish or hungry or are you feeding it what it needs? Ask your body these questions and more. Your body is wise and will ALWAYS be working to keep you alive and vital. Listen to all your mind, body and spirit has to say.

Only you know what is right for your body. Only you know what is right for your mind. Only you know what is right for your spirit. AND YOU DO KNOW. So ask yourself these questions and more, and listen and value the answers you hear.

May you have a beautiful Full Moon and may we all find a balance across all aspects of ourselves and our lives and so respect each other for the unique individuals we, each of us, are.

Le grá,


3 comments on “Full Moon April 19th 2019

  1. Writing to Freedom
    April 18, 2019

    Lovely music and tips Laura. I appreciate your perspective that we each need to find our own balance and things that work for us. Too many people are prescribing universal solutions.

    • laura kilty
      April 19, 2019

      Yes! I’ve noticed an increase of people prescribing universal solutions- or perhaps recently I’ve just noticed them more! It seems so strange to me that there is so much value placed on the idea of individualism in our society and there are so many speaking about being rebellious and breaking free from societal conformity, yet all the while, and more and more it seems, people are acting and reacting in a flock-like manner… This could turn into another post for another day- or perhaps the better option, could just be for my journal as I try to understand this world 😀 Hope you have a lovely Full Moon day Brad! 💚

      • Writing to Freedom
        April 19, 2019

        Thanks Laura. I hope you figure it out! Many of us are interested, and personally I’m disappointed at how many self help gurus make universal prescriptions and/or set themselves up as the expert.

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