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Imbolc 2021

I created a piece in honour of Bridget and Imbolc, out now on the Cyclic Self Bandcamp

“Imbolc is a day to acknowledge and give gratitude to the essential spark within and around us all.
Invite Brigid into your home
She is the radiant light that brings us from the darkness of autumn and winter into the light of spring and summer.
The sun, the light, the warmth, the fire. Vital to our survival here on earth.
Be in flow.
The light of spring will naturally take you from the dream state of winter through to the active state of summer.
Respect your need for rest.
There is no force, push or coercion in natural growth. Everything has its timing
Mother yourself. Hold yourself. Love yourself.
Move in flow.”

Wishing you a beautiful day of moving in flow with the spring waters and returning light 💚

3 comments on “Imbolc 2021

  1. Writing to Freedom
    February 1, 2021

    Hi Laura. It’s nice to catch up with you and your blog. I’m glad you’re still creating unique and moving music. May this year bring more music in our hearts.

    • laura kilty
      February 2, 2021

      So lovely to hear from you Brad! I hope 2021 is starting out beautifully for you- may it indeed be a year with more music in our hearts. Best wishes 💚

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