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About Laura

Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer & Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher.

Member of the Healer Foundation, the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), and Atlantis College of Crystal and Sound Healing.


You can contact me at resoundingpowerATgmailDOTcom


After travelling the world for the last eight years or so I’ve decided to call Ireland home once more and have settled in beautiful Co.Wicklow.

I am currently in the process of setting up a new business which will incorporate all strands of my work. For those interested in in-person sessions, I will update here when all is up and running with a link to my new website and email address- with the current global situation, it is looking like the latter part of 2021 at the earliest.


It is a true privilege when someone comes to me with an open mind and heart, looking to explore the world of Angelic Reiki® or Sound Healing. I understand that it requires trust and faith that someone will hold the space for you without ego and with true compassion and love.

As I move around so much, I have always found practitioners through ‘feeling’ what they are like on their website. I have found that I always like to hear a bit about them and their journey in order to open to putting that trust in them, so I have put a bit here about why I do what I do!

I started voice training when I was 16 with Sylvia O’Regan- a wonderful mezzo-soprano who currently works in The Academy in Dublin- and have continued to go back to her when I am in Dublin or feeling I need a touch-up! She is truly a fantastic teacher and has taught me a lot about the voice in terms of technicality, projection and performance but also in terms of the psychological side to singing. How confidence- or lack of- can really affect a singer’s (perceived) capabilities in a moment. This side of things led me to start exploring a lot of spiritual and philosophical writings about singers and musicians and the way they use and view their bodies. It was a very natural progression from this into looking at sound as healing.

I did the Performance Certificate at Newpark Music School in 2003, where I studied Jazz vocals with Dorothy Murphy and among many other amazing subjects and teachers, also studied Jazz composition with Ronan Guilfoyle. They were both wonderful and supportive teachers that helped me a huge amount on my musical and spiritual journey.

I struggled with huge confidence issues back then. I was getting so worked up and upset in class that Dorothy recommended I do a Reiki course with her. It was my first foray into energetic work and I loved it! I found it so healing and incredibly powerful. I did up to level two at that time and it was such a huge support for me and my friends who I did it for.

Ronan also helped me beyond practical musical guidance. I remember my first improvisation class with him leading the group. I was so nervous and barely releasing a sound from my voice. He spoke to the group- although I felt like it was just to me; ‘It’s ego keeping you nervous and telling you not to go for it. Everybody thinks of people with big heads when they speak the word ego but that negative voice is ego too, keeping you from moving forward.’ This has stuck with me to this day, over ten years later! A huge lesson which I was happy to learn. The ego is so misunderstood and that lack of understanding gives it a power it does NOT need to have!

I went on to do a Masters in Music and Media Technologies in Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2008. There, I learned Psychoacoustics with Dr. Gavin Kearney and Dr. Dermot Furlong and got interested in the scientific end of how music can be healing- why that makes sense in a scientific way as well as the innate knowledge I had in this area.

Since then, I have completed a Practitioner’s Diploma in Sound Healing with the amazing Lesley Carol.

She has been an incredible inspiration and wonderful guide to me on my journey to using sound in this way.

I also completed my Master Teacher level in Angelic Reiki® in 2013, doing my training with co-founder of this beautiful discipline, Christine Core.

She has also been a wonderful guide on my journey, bringing together ancient wisdom and this new way of working with energy in a compassionate, ego-free way.

And finally, I did my Yoga teacher training in the head ashram of the Sivananda school in 2014.

I have seen, repeatedly, how wonderfully effective these disciplines are as healing tools. Sound Healings are not always gentle yet truly huge realisations and shifts have occurred for me, my friends and clients since beginning using sound with intention. I have also found Angelic Reiki® to be an incredible catalyst for change. The energies are strong, yet the experiences are gentle. The love and compassion of the ‘angelic’ energies fill the client and the space. Yoga is not just the physical practice of asanas and much more than I can write in a soundbite- what I can say here is that I have experienced and witnessed profound transformations when working with the breath and the body using the Yogic teachings as a framework to engage with the inner world both personally and when supporting others.

I have been witness to so many amazing transformations and positive changes in the lives of those I have worked with. I really feel facilitating workshops is part of my life purpose. The blessings these disciplines have brought to my life and the life of those I’ve worked with have been immense.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel there was more to this world than that which we can see and that which people seem open to talking about. My journey has been winding- lots of side roads and learning along the way! I went through phases in my late teens and early twenties of learning about lots of different religions, philosophies and new-age spirituality, all of which I grew out of pretty quick! But the search was sincere and was for truth. For that something that would resonate deep within me. The part of me that knows we are all meant to be empowered and healthy in every area of our life.

That part of me has led me to learn from many inspiring teachers and people in many areas- spiritual, scientific and life! I have read, learned and trained in different philosophies and modalities, and know I will continue to do so over the rest of my lifetime. For now, Sound Healing, Yoga and Angelic Reiki® are the modalities that really resonate within me as providing people with empowerment and the support for change at this amazing time in our history.

I would be honoured to share in your journey if you feel drawn to getting in touch.

With love and light,


11 comments on “About Laura

  1. summersurprises
    November 25, 2014

    To be honest I’m not really sure what to write. It’s just that, I feel drawn to getting in touch with you. Once again, I feel like reading through this I’ve resonated with so much of what you’ve written, about how you see this world and our place within it. There is something inside me that makes me want to share my story with you, a strong feeling I quite can’t explain. And reading about these treatments I feel like I want to know more about them. Is this weird, because I feel it is! Would it be possible maybe for me to get in touch with you about all this?
    Filled with so much awe, H x

    • laura kilty
      November 28, 2014

      It’s not weird at all, it’s exactly what I want: to build and be part of a true community (in the online AND offline worlds!). I am travelling a lot until the 11th so won’t be online that often, so please forgive any delayed responses- I would sincerely love to chat more in-depth! My email address is I really love your blog and would love to make a proper connection. Love and light, Laura.x

  2. Writing to Freedom
    March 4, 2015

    Hi Laura. It sounds like you are creating a very fun and diverse life experience. I hope your adventures continue to bless yourself and others. Thanks for joining my blog. blessings, Brad

    • laura kilty
      March 7, 2015

      Thank you Brad! I am looking forward to exploring more of your wonderful blog- your photos are stunning!

      • Writing to Freedom
        March 7, 2015

        Thanks Laura. That reminds me that it might be time to get a good camera so I can play more.

  3. Sue Dreamwalker
    June 6, 2015

    Hi Laura wonderful work you are doing, and your blog is so full of love and inspiration.. Many thanks for stopping by my blog.. I hope to get to know you more through your blog as time allows us both..
    You sound very busy 🙂
    Many Blessings to you and yours

    • laura kilty
      June 11, 2015

      Oh, thank you so much for your very kind words Sue! It is so lovely to connect with you. I truly love your blog, it’s beaming with kindness and love! Love and light, Laura.x

      • Sue Dreamwalker
        June 12, 2015

        Thank you sending lots of love and Light right on back.. You are welcome. Sue

  4. Rajagopal
    July 16, 2015

    You seem to be leading a really interesting life, Laura, straddling the worlds of music, energy healing, travel and, in so doing, purveying love all around, enriching not just yourself but the lives you touch. I look forward to reading your posts and exchanging notes…best wishes.. Raj.

    • laura kilty
      July 17, 2015

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and to leave such a lovely message, Raj! I look forward to exploring your posts too. Love and light.

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