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Wisdom from Swami Sivananda Radha

I put this quote at the end of my post about teachers but it resonates so much, I wanted to put it up on its own here:

“Our consciousness is like a drop of Cosmic Consciousness. As human beings, we have a desire to return to the source, to the ocean of Light. Each of us travels by different means. The vehicle is of our own making, fired by desire, fired by illusions, fired by a powerful determination to find out, to know, to get there.”

The book it comes from, Light and Vibration, was a really incredible, illuminating, inspiring, fascinating read, that resonated on all levels of my being! It was pure affirmation to me that I am on the ‘right’ path.

I hope this quote inspires you to read the book for yourself and I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

With love and light,


2 comments on “Wisdom from Swami Sivananda Radha

  1. djahariahmitra
    April 21, 2014

    It’s amazing sometimes how the smallest line can jump out and move you to think and feel so much deeper. Words really can change you. Thanks for this quote. Inspiration is so important.

    • laura kilty
      April 26, 2014

      Your welcome! Thanks for reading. And thanks so much for introducing me to your blog. I love your line “Nature is ready and willing to show us all we need to know if we just listen and feel and make ourselves fully present in the moment” in your surf post- inspiration is indeed very important, so thanks for your inspiring words!

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