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Russell Brand Being Brilliant!

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I have been updating my blog the first of every month and then every Thursday (to give some much-needed consistency to my posting!) for the last couple of months. Every now and then though, I know I will come across things that inspire me that I want to share despite whatever theme I am running for that month. This is one such post!

As those of you who read my old blog will know, I have been watching Russell Brand’s journey over the past few years with great interest and hope.

This interview is him truly on-form. Sharing in a self-aware way, keeping his ego under control, really speaking from love and with beautiful energy. There were many moments throughout where I cried- from happiness and a little from…maybe nostalgia? Can you feel nostalgia for something you haven’t quite experienced in the present life?!

I spend a LOT of time on my own- I NEED to be on my own to clear my energies and help me maintain my balance. But I really want to get to a point where I can spend slightly more time with others than I do right now.

Increasingly over the last few years, it has been difficult to find people that I feel truly see and live in the world as I do. For the positive potential there is. Who can see how simple the answers are- they are not always easy to implement, but they ARE simple! And when I watched this, my heart just swelled with happiness that here was someone saying what I feel in the deepest part of my soul to be true, and to see so many people listening and being open to hear his positive words.

The control of ego is an extremely difficult endeavour that requires vigilance and commitment. Russell admits his struggle with the attention-seeking side that likes to try get the better of him and comes across with grace and clarity throughout. Thank you for using your platform with such honesty and integrity, Russell! My cup of hope runneth over!

I hope you all get the same feeling of hope from this and if you have not heard about some of these causes, that perhaps you will be inspired to go looking more into some of them!


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6 comments on “Russell Brand Being Brilliant!

  1. Anna Lou
    January 3, 2015

    This is good to see, I’ve always thought he had a bit of a big head. I believe the Portuguese word “saudade” roughly translates as nostalgia for something that you haven’t experienced, or hasn’t even happened 🙂

    • laura kilty
      January 4, 2015

      Hi Anna Lou. Yes! I think he is pretty aware of his big head! We all have some aspect of our ego self we struggle with more than the other so it’s kind of wonderful to see him so in his Self in this interview- so inspiring to me anyways!! And Oooh! What a wonderful word- reading various translations now: “a melancholy nostalgia for something that perhaps has not even happened” is absolutely what I meant so thank you!! 🙂

  2. angelalacey67
    January 4, 2015

    Secondary to Mr. Brand’s points, which are all valid, i just wanted to speak to the fact that I am very impressed by him and his ability to do public speaking.
    Also, to comment jokingly that he is not thick enough of a man to be as deep as he is!—-Liked him before, love him now!!!

    • laura kilty
      January 4, 2015

      I LOVE how he speaks too! His vocab is just incredible! I remember watching him on MTV way back when and thinking what a juxtaposition it was to hear his incredibly verbose and amazing style and then see what he was getting up to! He sure is a bright light!

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