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Thought Creates Reality

 “She had just realized there were two things that prevent us from achieving our dreams: believing them to be impossible or seeing those dreams made possible by some sudden turn of the wheel of fortune, when you least expected it. For at that moment, all our fears suddenly surface: the fear of setting off along a road heading who knows where, the fear of a life full of new challenges, the fear of losing forever everything that is familiar.”

Paulo Coelho

1 week down, 51 to go- we are truly in 2015 now!

A couple of months ago, I changed up the way I had been blogging so the postings were consistent. Along with extra postings when the inspiration takes me, I post on the first of each month and every Thursday after that. These ones all follow a theme that also continue on from the theme of the month before. I tend to do one in-depth posting in a month, the rest I try to keep short- settle in today!!

November’s postings were the first following this structure- the theme being ‘Stillness and Silence’. December followed on from these thoughts with ‘Dreaming’. And now January will follow on from this theme with ‘Thought Creates Reality’.

This following on from the theme also demonstrates that while yes, the end of a month can be seen as the end of a cycle, it is also just a part in a larger cycle of the year, which is part of a larger cycle of a decade, which in turn is part of a larger cycle of a century, which….you get what I mean!

Although January, being the month society has decided is the start of a new year, can be seen as the start of a new cycle, it is also just a continuation of what has come before.

I’m not one for resolutions as such- well, I’m not for labelling any decisions I make as ‘resolutions’ as my mind finds that word restrictive and harsh and when I feel restricted, I like to rebel! I do like to ‘set my intention’ and set goals for myself though. But I do this daily. I commit to my Self, daily. And I don’t feel bad on the days I take off from this. Tomorrow is a new day and so in of itself, a new cycle! And some days, when I am not at my most mindful, cycles have to be measured in minutes and hours: “Ok, so I am being mindless and watching E News right now for some stupid reason, but when it is over, I will start the next hour doing something that contributes in a really worthwhile way to my life.” True story! 🙂

I think it’s really important for us all to remember that in our everyday life- every cycle we acknowledge is also part of a greater cycle and has smaller cycles within that too. So try not to put huge pressure on yourself over resolutions you may have made on the first and perhaps have already struggled with. Why not look at the goals you have and break them down instead? Not into smaller, more managable increments as many say- but into the greater meaning behind that…

Let’s say you want to lose 50lbs. I do think instead of thinking “I resolve to lose 50lbs this year, it would be a lot better for your head to say “I resolve to lose 10lbs by April” (or something similar) and then resolve to lose the next 10 when you get to that goal. Choosing tangible milestones are a great motivator and a great way to look at and acknowledge your achievements. But in tandem with these tools, I would suggest you look at the broader statement you are making by saying you want to lose any weight.

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you would like to be healthier? Is it because others are judging your weight and you are uncomfortable with this? Is it because you want to be loved and feel you can’t as you look right now? Is it because you want to be more comfortable in an airplane seat? Is it because you want to be a model? Is this goal for you or is it a pressure you feel? What will it mean to your daily life to lose weight? What will it feel like to achieve the goal? What is the higher meaning of that statement “I want to lose weight”? Is it “I want to be healthier”? Is it “I want to feel loved”? Is it “I want to be happy”?

Take THAT statement and question what it is you are truly looking for in it. And work THAT.

I am not saying if your resolution is to lose weight and you realise that your broader statement is “I want to stop hating myself”, that you should work only on loving yourself. I am saying the main aspect of you not loving yourself is not your weight. There are MANY other things going on there. Those issues will all still be there if you get to that goal of losing 50lbs. I don’t mean you can’t change your nutrition and start an exercise program and have weight loss as part of that goal, it just means that the focus could be on the true meaning behind your dissatisfaction and the bi-product of finding your way to loving yourself can be weight-loss TOO. Set the intention that by the end of 2015, you are able to sit in front of a mirror and see the beauty of who you are in all your perfection and glory. Because you are, right now at this very moment, glorious perfection!

I have taken the example of weight here as it has been my struggle throughout my life and I know it is an issue that resonates with a lot of people. Please see this as an analogy for whatever it is in your life you are seeing as struggle and feel you need to ‘resolve’ to change.

I am now in a place where I totally and completely love myself and I know that I am beautiful. I also know that my beauty has nothing to do with my outward looks. It has to do with who I am and who I strive to be in every moment of my life. I don’t need someone else to think or say I am beautiful to feel that I am. It has NOTHING to do with anyone but me. It has nothing to do with this physical world. It has everything to do with how I interact with the physical world and the fact that I approach everyone and everything in the world with love. That’s what beauty is to me. It could be something entirely different to you, something that makes no sense to anyone else, and it will still be true. You are the only one who needs to approve of your inner world. You are the only one who needs to be fully accepting of who you are. You are the only one who needs to know that you are perfect, just as you are.

Don’t try to be anything for or to anyone else. I am beautiful. If you reading this don’t agree, that’s totally cool with me. What another person thinks of me is none of my business. And it certainly doesn’t have an impact on how I see myself.

To get to that acceptance and to find YOUR Truth, requires work and requires looking at all aspects of yourself and your Self.

It requires looking at the thought behind the thought behind the thought.

It requires questioning every belief you have- is this what I believe or is it something someone else told me to believe?

Is that my voice saying that or is that my Mum/Dad/brother/sister/an ad/celebrity culture/teenage friends/twenty-something friends/thirty-something friends etc. talking in my mind?

The collective consciousness is a real thing. It is speaking to you from the moment you are living in this world. You are constantly bombarded with messages on every aspect of living from the moment you are out of that womb- and I would argue, while you are still in it too! So, it requires time to pull away from those voices, to disengage from those thought patterns, to truly hear who YOU are and what YOU think in all your unique, beautiful, amazing glory!

So allow yourself time to change. Allow yourself to make u-turns on your thinking. Allow yourself to commit wholly to one way of thinking and being and the next day go do the total opposite because your mind has decided to run back to old patterns that are more known so feel safer. And then allow yourself to go back to the way that is truly BETTER for YOU! Don’t look at these missteps as failures. Look at them as learning tools that are all contributing to you being more sure about how you actually want to live and be in this world.

If you lose 10lbs and then put on 20lbs, don’t think “I am a terrible person and I should punish myself”, see it as part of learning. See it as an opportunity to realise that the process of how you are going about achieving your goal clearly isn’t the right one for you.

Think “why are millions upon millions of people in the same boat as me?” Why are we all doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Perhaps it’s not what we are or are not doing that is the problem. Perhaps it is the system that floods us with messages that we are not good enough, we are not beautiful enough, that to be loved means to be skinny (or white or black or tall or short or blond or have blue eyes or have brown eyes) or to be cool means to smoke and to be accepted you need to be cool or WHATEVER it is that ‘ailment’ that you have bought into, that is the problem.

Once I cleared out other peoples’ thoughts, I could find my voice and the weight started coming off. I had looked at what was being sold to me as healthy food and realised that actually it was part of the diet industry system of keeping me cycling through weight loss and gain- it’s an industry so wants to make money. No, it is not giving you truthful information, it is giving you just enough ‘help’ so you lose a bit, then put on more, so have to keep putting money back into it. Every industry is selling you something and wants to grow.

Question the information people give you!

Question and find YOUR innate wisdom on all of this. It is often covered by masses of other voices but if you look deep enough you WILL find your truth- none of us have to ‘search’ for knowledge, we just have to remember it because we are ALL born knowing what is best for our own life.

Thought creates reality. Get rid of others’ thinking and find your own. Find your way to living your life free of the tyranny of other people’s thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Create your utopia on this earth. It IS possible. People who say otherwise are fearful- you don’t have to be. I am speaking from experience, I have created my current life and I am building new parts to it every day. I have many goals to reach- including, letting go of more weight. But my reasons for doing it have nothing to do with how I look or am perceived or who the collective consciousness say I should be. It is all to do with my world and how I want to move in it. And right now, my life is perfect- as am I, in all my perfection and glorious imperfection!

I promise you, you can create your perfect life too. As I constantly say, the process of getting there is not always easy but the answer IS simple.

Make the leap of faith, believe in your Self, believe you have the right to create a beautiful life, allow any who don’t buy into your dream to go their path and you stay on yours.

Paulo Coelho_Dreams


With love and light,


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