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World Sound Healing Day!

I am sure you all know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You may not know that it is also World Sound Healing Day!


At 12pm in whatever time zone you are in, please join me and thousands of others sounding ‘AH’ with the intention of sending love and peace across the globe and to the beautiful Earth we call home.

Jonathan Goldman has set up an incredible website called the Temple of Sacred Sound. Have a click on the link at around 11.45am and follow the guidelines. Then enter the chamber at 12pm and join forces with thousands of others sounding forth a compassionate and loving ‘AH’!

There is also Pre-Global Toning Live Radio from 11am EST to help set the space and scene for this event at:

For more information about World Sound Healing Day from Jonathan Goldman, please visit here:

I look forward to toning with you all!

With love and light,


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