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Emily Bronte, My Comforter

My Comforter

Well hast thou spoken, and yet, not taught

A feeling strange or new;

Thou hast but roused a latent thought,

A cloud-closed beam of sunshine, brought

To gleam in open view.


Deep down, concealed within my soul,

That light lies hid from men;

Yet, glows unquenched – though shadows roll,

Its gentle ray cannot control,

About the sullen den.


Was I not vexed, in these gloomy ways

To walk alone so long?

Around me, wretches uttering praise,

Or howling o’er their hopeless days,

And each with Frenzy’s tongue; –


A brotherhood of misery,

Their smiles as sad as sighs;

Whose madness daily maddened me,

Distorting into agony

The bliss before my eyes!


So stood I, in Heaven’s glorious sun,

And in the glare of Hell;

My spirit drank a mingled tone,

Of seraph’s song, and demon’s moan;

What my soul bore, my soul alone

Within itself may tell!


Like a soft air, above a sea,

Tossed by the tempest’s stir;

A thaw-wind, melting quietly

The snow-drift, on some wintry lea;

No: what sweet thing resembles thee,

My thoughtful Comforter?


And yet a little longer speak,

Calm this resentful mood;

And while the savage heart grows meek,

For other token do not seek,

But let the tear upon my cheek

Evince my gratitude!


Emily Bronte

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