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Interview, Retreat and Review!

My lovely friend Assia Stepien did an interview with me for her column on the Natural Health Star blog. In it, she asks me about Sound Healing:

“If you have ever heard a toddler sing themselves off to sleep, or heard the wall of sound when near a school yard on lunch-break or the wailing of a little kid when they fall and hurt themselves; all of those things are Sound Healing in action. There’s self-comforting, energy release, and emotional release happening in all those three scenarios.”

And how it relates to my creative process:

“I see my music as an extension of the sound and energy healings I do because it is an extension of me and what I want to offer to the world.”

I met Assia just last year while I was living in Berlin and she has quickly become a firm friend. I have been really inspired by her joyous and fun-loving spirit. So much so that I introduced her to the wonderful Rachel and James Hanberry at the Yoga Beach House in Biscarosse, France. Assia will be running a retreat there at the end of June and I am sure it will be an amazing and transformative trip for anyone who joins her!


Although the album I am talking about in the interview is my solo one (which I am currently writing), the things I say also relate to my approach for my duo, noeverything, too.


It has been an exciting week for Ian and I as our EP has been put out in the world after months of work! I want to share a really nice review from a Russian (so non-Russian speakers will need to use Google Translate!) blog called Electrocircle

“Unbearably beautiful and touching in their genuine sincerity and purity of the release…pass by and you do not even know how much you have lost. We will not allow this! Admiration filed!”

The article is written by ‘swerZZZ’ / Pavel Yurevich and I was just really touched by his words so wanted to share them with you all! http://xn--e1aclabbxcocsq5j.xn--p1ai/2016/02/noeverything-i-am/

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are feeling as excited as I am about seeing how the rest of this year unfolds- bring on March!!

With love and light,



All the brown words are links, check them out!! 🙂

Assia’s website can be found here:

The Yoga Beach House website can be found here:

I Am is available to purchase on our bandcamp

You can stream the full EP and read an interview with us at Post-Punk

3 comments on “Interview, Retreat and Review!

  1. Rajagopal
    February 28, 2016

    Be it Russian or Italian, all those encomiums coming your way, Laura, for the harmonious music you are creating are more than richly deserving. Music therapy is a highly refined form of treatment in India since ancient times. Classical Indian music is based on thousands of ‘ragas’. There is a raga to suit every emotion, time of day and night, and the various seasons. History reveals that Tansen, the celebrated musician in the royal court of mogul emperor Akbar, played the ‘Amritavarshini’ raga to usher in rains on a sultry day. The soul that enjoys music is truly blessed. Infinitely more blessed is the soul that creates music, which you are.

  2. alohaleya
    March 1, 2016

    Amazing! I’m so inspired by all you’re creating…and you have a such a gorgeous voice! 🙂 Aleya

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