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Moon Ceremony Artwork

I am a huge fan of the beautiful and inspiring work artist Adam Perry brings to the world and so was truly honoured that he asked me to provide the music to accompany this stunning artwork.

In his own words-

“A group of Lightworker Elders participate in a Full Moon Ceremony with their Guides. This was a collaborative project to share untold information about the Moon from the Divine. I channeled the imagery, Yasmin [ and ] chose the image to be made into an artwork, the artwork was made and animated and I was guided to ask Laura to provide the music.”



A huge thank you to Adam for the opportunity to express this beautiful lunar energy that he and Yasmin tapped into. I highly recommend following his Instagram for more beautiful animated images and insight on his process. And you can see more of his work and organise a reading (in which you can get your own personalised artwork) on his website:


I hope you are all managing these energies well and getting in lots of rest and relaxation as needed!


Le grá, Laura

7 comments on “Moon Ceremony Artwork

  1. Writing to Freedom
    April 15, 2019

    Ethereal art and music. Kudos Laura and Adam.

  2. Sue Dreamwalker
    April 15, 2019

    What exquisite sounds Laura, truly a beautiful collaboration and fabulous animation.. As for these energies Laura, I have slept I think the biggest part of April away.. I am following what my body tells me to do…
    Many thanks for sharing your gift.. ❤

    • laura kilty
      April 18, 2019

      Thank you Sue! It’s so lovely to hear from you. I have also slept the best part of April- it’s been so needed for me too. 2019 is proving to be intense and so full of growth for me, I hope you are feeling in flow and all is wonderful in your world… I plan to catch up on your blog tomorrow- I have a few pages bookmarked! Sending huge love and Full Moon blessings your way 💚

  3. Rajagopal
    April 15, 2019

    The sounds embrace the art work in an enchanting confluence of images and music. Very well done, Laura and Adam.

    • laura kilty
      April 18, 2019

      Thank you from both of us Raj! I hope all is wonderful with you 💚

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