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Full Moon June 2019

What an incredibly intense Full Moon as we enter this Solstice portal!

You may feel a drive to bury uncomfortable feelings and to engage only with the perceived positives- try to resist this temptation and feel the gamut of emotions simmering away instead! There is no ‘doing’ required- just feel, acknowledge and don’t deny the feelings that come up.

Remember to be open to change- allow and flow with the mutable energies. It is a time to honour the Divine Feminine (which lives within us all!).

You may find a lot of early childhood patterning coming up to be acknowledged and respected- let go of that which no longer serves, own the lessons you still need to learn and find gratitude for all of them, no matter your perception of them being positive or negative.

Make a concerted effort to respond rather than go into reaction- try to retreat within and see any interactions with others from as near to a neutral perspective as possible, rather than howl at the world for perceived slights (which many are going to be doing!).

We’re all feeling the pressure (whether we acknowledge there is more to this world than we can see or not) so it’s important to keep that in mind as we interact with others. Show the same compassion and understanding for others as you crave for yourself.

Be open, be vulnerable, ask for support when you need it and most importantly, be loving and kind to yourself and others.

I am sending huge love to each and every one of you and wishing a peaceful time within as the world goes through this unsettled time without.

Le grá, Laura

One comment on “Full Moon June 2019

  1. Writing to Freedom
    June 18, 2019

    Good reminders Laura to breath into, open, and allow life energies to move through us.

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