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Full Moon Eclipse, July 2019

Tuning in to the Full Moon Eclipse, July 2019-


Are you living your life from your truth, regardless of what others say is true and real or ‘right’?

The unconscious is being brought to light. Pain can come up as the darkness within reveals itself to your conscious mind. It’s ok- you are ok.

Look at where you’ve come from. Look at your beliefs about the world around you and your part in it. Look at your patterns stemming from birth (and beyond)… There is no need to ‘do’ anything with the information that reveals itself to you. There is no need for you to be anyone other than who you are. Just observe and allow yourself to see where you are living in alignment and out of alignment with YOUR truth.

Your Truth cannot be taught to you by anyone else, you already Know, you just need to remember. If support is what you seek, look for those that understand and truthfully live by that. More hierarchy and pedestals is not what this world needs!

You are worthy of believing in yourself, of being true to yourself, of being you fully and completely. Always.

Above all, see that.


May we all see how worthy of life we are. May we all have the courage to be truly ourselves regardless of what others think or say.


Wishing you all a peaceful journey on this and all nights.

Le grá, Laura

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