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Full Moon Eclipse January 2020

There is so much inspiration we can take from Nature. So much symbolism indicating to us that we are a part of many cycles endlessly circling in myriad phases. Tuning in to and being in flow with these cycles is so important to our sense of well-being on all levels.

Today the ‘Wolf Moon’ goes full at 7.21pm here in Ireland, with a Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse starting at 5.07pm reaching maximum eclipse at 7.07pm.

These are not only stunning astronomical sights to see, they are also events that bring powerful shifts in energy.

We can think of the Full Moon as a giant spotlight illuminating all that is and/or has been in the dark. If we allow ourselves to be open and tune in, we can awaken to things that have been outside our full awareness- it can be quite difficult to continue to hide from our true feelings at this time. And the Lunar Eclipse adds to the intensity and depth of feeling.

A really positive, proactive step to take at each Full Moon (eclipse or not) can be to journal. To go inwards with courage and allow ourselves to hear what it is we have been ignoring.

You may like to contemplate the following questions, knowing there are no wrong answers and being honest with yourself is always going to reap beautiful fruit! –

  • What is being illuminated for me right now?
  • What can I feel and see that I have been trying to ignore?
  • What ideas/patterns/relationships/things do I feel would be helpful to let go of?
  • What cycles feel completed for me right now?

Try to frame these releases as part of a bigger cycle rather than endings as such. They are endings to the cycle you are currently aware of rather than an end full stop. This helps our minds to let go more easily. We never have full perspective in a moment, so remaining open to endless possibility is a positive step in helping us to live fully in flow.

Another aspect of this month’s symbology you may like to tune into and journal about is the idea that January is the ‘Wolf Moon’. There are many names given to the moons each month, and many schools of thought as to the various origins. None are more correct than any other, I’ve personally chosen Wolf Moon this January as I feel the *wolf is an important symbol for us all to tune in to, not just this month but throughout 2020.

You may like to contemplate the following questions, knowing there are no wrong answers and being honest with yourself is always going to reap beautiful fruit! –

  • What does the wolf symbolise to me?
  • How do I feel when I conjure a wolf in my mind’s eye?
  • What does it mean to be the alpha?
  • Where am I looking to another/others to be the alpha in my life?
  • What aspects of Wolf do I identify with?
  • What inspiration would I like to take from the wolf?

When you’ve written both sets of answers, question your beliefs-

  • Is what you’ve written really true for you or a story you’ve heard or told on repeat?
  • Do you want to continue with the thoughts/patterns you’ve revealed?
  • Again, what are you ready to release?

To honour the Full Moon, I have done the first in a series of collaborations for 2020 with the wonderful artist and human Adam Perry. Those who are familiar with my site, may know we have collaborated before. We found we, and our process of connecting to the realms beyond, resonate with each other and so have decided to do a series of one minute pieces throughout the year. Our first piece goes up at 7.21pm on the 10th here in Ireland, 6.21am on the 11th in his home of Melbourne Australia. You can find us on Instagram @lauralairmusic and @adamperryart to have a look and listen or you can find it on my music website

I hope the writing prompts are helpful and I hope you have a peaceful and wondrous Full Moon. And whether the concept that these cosmological events bring various energies into our lives resonates or not, I urge you to look up tonight!

Le grá, Laura


*More to come on the wolf throughout 2020!

2 comments on “Full Moon Eclipse January 2020

  1. Sue Dreamwalker
    January 10, 2020

    Wonderful inspiration Laura, and a 6:30pm the moon was full and bright here in this part of the UK. Then the cloud came and covered it.
    Thank you for sharing this, and wishing you a very Happy 2020, and way beyond…
    Like you, the wolf has great meaning in my life as totem animal.
    May it bring its many attributes into our new year.
    Much love Laura. Have a peaceful weekend. 💛🧡💚🤗

  2. Writing to Freedom
    January 11, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this Laura. I like many of your suggestions for using this as a time to consciously open more. I probably won’t do the questions, but I appreciate how thoughtful you’ve been on this. I hope to see the wolf moon tomorrow. Tonight is cloudy and heavy rain.

    I hope 2020 is full of love, openness, and thriving for you

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