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Resolve To Dream Big And Believe In Yourself For 2014!

The start of a new year is always a time to reflect on what has come before and imagine what you want for the year ahead. Rather than setting a resolution, I like to dream and imagine how amazing the upcoming year could be- dreaming the most incredible year and being open to the idea that I could get all that and more!

I think we are often limiting our options, our ideas of what we can have, achieve, how happy we can be and instead telling ourselves to be ‘realistic’. By doing that, we are constantly making our world and horizons smaller.

Within the mass consciousness, the idea of dreaming big and achieving all that and more is often not deemed feasible. The dream is meant to be just that. Something that you don’t seriously consider as a possibility for your life. Something that is meant to be treated as unattainable and sometimes you are seen as silly and even irresponsible for reaching for it. We are told to grow up and let go of the idea of happiness and contentment. Sometimes happiness itself is considered an unattainable dream in the mainstream of ideas thrown at us on a daily basis!

An awful lot of the time we are also encouraged to downplay what we want from life. To not even admit what we truly want for ourselves. If we keep repressing what we want, then how could we possibly reach happiness and true contentment within?

I can say from my own experience that being content in life, being happy, being true to yourself, living your dreams, are all absolutely possible. And not just possible but a right. I don’t believe we are put here to struggle and feel bad about ourselves. To worry and be sick and feel lack. We are here to LIVE. To be vital. To laugh. To feel joy. To live our purpose. To bring light to others’ lives.

This time last year when I dreamed how I would like 2013 to be, I dreamed of travel, of music, of getting in touch with my body and getting it moving gracefully and with strength, of helping others through Angelic Reiki and Sound Healing, of gaining confidence, of being happy by being true to myself. I got all of that and more. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, I have had the honour of working with and helping many people over the year, my confidence and belief in myself is higher than I ever thought was possible for any person- let alone myself, and I am doing music and really living my life with joy.

I still have many more dreams to fulfil and I add to my list all the time. And while I am open to all of them and more coming true, I am not attached to achieving the actual items on the list. I make sure to keep my interpretation of fulfilling my dreams broad rather than specific. For example, it may be that you were told as a kid “You can’t draw” and that has stopped you from painting. It’s true that not everyone can make a living out of being an artist, but certainly everyone has an artistic side that we are all free to explore and release. By writing it down, you acknowledge it’s something you do want to do and then you action it. You take some time out for yourself to paint. And voila, you are a painter! That simple realisation can change how you feel within- and actioning what you want to do and experience IS living your dreams!

The dreaming is a way of opening my heart to the world, of opening my eyes and looking around at all the amazing places, people and experiences that are possible in this beautiful world. Just by dreaming, by being open, and by truly living my life as I want to every day, I am achieving a more fulfilling life than I could dream when I wrote my list last year.

So, to welcome in this new year, think BIG and then allow yourself to action those dreams by thinking outside of the (often self-imposed!) box. Shout out to the universe all that you want. Put huge dreams out there. Allow your imagination to run wild and be truly open to the idea that you can achieve all you want and more. Allow yourself to believe you ARE worth attaining all you want and more! Live your life today as if you have all you want NOW.

At the end of the day, isn’t the biggest dream for us all to have love and contentment within? Listen to yourself, your true self, and believe you can achieve it!

Wishing you all a blessed and love-filled 2014!

With love and light,



The beautiful and stunning image is from NASA.

Hubble Images A Swarm Of Ancient Stars

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