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It’s Not Always Easy But The Answer IS Simple: RELEASE!

After travelling so much over the past year, I have been hankering for a bit of stability- thinking it would be nice to settle somewhere for a little bit. As I said in a previous post, I had an incredible time in Fuerteventura doing Yoga and made friends with truly awesome people. So I have decided to get an apartment there for a couple of months from mid-March. That way I can finish my album, do Sound Healing and Angelic Reiki treatments for people and get to continue my Yoga-learning with incredible teachers. The perfect combination!

In the meantime, I am back in Dublin sorting out the boxes of stuff I left behind when I went to NY. I am planning on selling everything I belong, except for two boxes so I know I will only keep my most precious items. It is so freeing! I now really understand how little ‘stuff’ we actually need and how trained we are by the world at large to believe we need it! Even knowing it will all be gone soon has cleared a huge amount of space in my being! I have done so much releasing on emotional and mental levels over the past year, this physical space clearing just feels like the natural progression. And I am not the only one feeling this drive to clear and release!

I have been back in Dublin for a few weeks now and it has been lovely getting to catch up with all my friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in almost two years. It is so amazing to see how much change everyone is going through on all levels.

This push forward we are all feeling does not show any signs of slowing down at all! It seems that whether we feel ready or not, the universe is pushing us all to look at our lives, see the patterns we need to change, see what we need to let go of, move on from, release, and to move forward as a new version of ourselves.

This can be such an amazing and exciting time yet there are a lot of people feeling fearful, anxious and really lost. We are fed the belief that change and not knowing what’s coming around the corner is scary. That it means we don’t know who we are or where we are going. That huge amounts of change in a short period of time is meant to be really awful- an ‘upheaval’.

However, if you can see the bright perspective- look at the changes from a positive point of view- then this can be seen and felt as the wonderful time it is.

This is a time of creation on a global scale. We are all getting a chance to see behind the curtain- to know we are creators! That the universe wants us all to be living our truth and joy. That we are supported in letting go of that which does not serve us.

Of course, this can also be a challenging time. Especially if you are living with the burdensome thought that you are meant to know what’s around the bend. So, let go of that burden. Change your outlook. Feel the excitement of not knowing. Think of it as a beautiful surprise that is set out for you to discover, rather than something scary. How freeing to not know what’s coming around the corner- and in fairness, no one ever knows, no matter how well-laid your plans are!

Letting go of past behaviours and patterns- even ones you know deep down are negative- can of course bring up lots of fears. And letting go of negative people from your life, can bring up (misplaced) guilt along with the worries about not having friends, or being lonely without these people (even though you know they don’t contribute to your life in any way positively!). “Better the devil you know” is the attitude I am seeing in a lot of people towards these negative elements in their lives.

Well, what if none of us has to live with demons at all? What if letting go of the negative behaviours, patterns, attitudes, people from our lives, FREES US? And we get all that we have ever wanted and more?! And what if letting go of all that negativity simply requires a shift in perspective? A new outlook? Yes, it can be that simple. It’s not always easy but the answer IS simple.

First and foremost, be kind to yourself. Act with compassion towards yourself and others. Fill your life with joy. Surround yourself with friends who will be encouraging and supportive. If your family are negative towards you, don’t spend as much time with them. If you feel you are at the point with a friend or family member where being around them makes you miserable, let go of that relationship. It is holding you back. Release the ties that bind and hold onto the people who want you to fly. This is not acting callous, it is taking responsibility for your life.

If you need extra help at the moment, ask for it. Talk to a professional. Talk to friends. Don’t keep it inside or repress emotions. Release! Remember that we all need support. We all need tools to help keep us on track. So search for what you feel will best support you. And when you find it, keep with it.

Take the time each day to meditate- even a few minutes of thinking of nothing but your breathing and being in that moment will make a huge difference to your life. Be mindful in all activities you do. Use only kind and positive words towards yourself. Move your body. Arrange to meet friends. Go on a retreat. Sing. Paint. Clean. Release!

You are the only person who can live your life and life is to be valued and revered. So live it to your fullest potential. Create your world and hold it dear. Invite only those that are respectful of your world into it. And allow yourself to feel what a gift each and every moment we have on our beautiful earth is.

Be joyful and be happy!

With love and light,


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